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I think that the task associated with bringing the Russian space shuttle back is mainly an Engineering task. People always seem to talk about Science and Technology. While I am strongly in favour of Science and Technology, I think that Engineering should be put on an equal footing with Science and Technology.

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In addition to cryonics:
We could have prepared ourselves better to spread to other worlds by further developing the Russian Space Shuttle and its associated delivery rockets. The Russian/Soviet space shuttle ‘s development took place a number of years after
the development of the American Space Shuttle. The Russian’s learnt a lot from
the Americans and it is believed that they made a better space shuttle as a result of what they learnt from the Americans & their own skills/cababilities. The Russian space shuttle made a three orbit flight around the Earth in the late 1980s. The flight was unmanned. The Russian space shuttle was suppose to have better thermal tile insulation protection. The Russian space shuttle had/has gas turbine engines. Thus after it enters the atmosphere, it is a plane rather than a glider for its return to earth. The delivery rockets only use liquid fuels. These are suppose to be much safer than solid fuels – remember the American space shuttle system uses two solid fuel rockets The Russian delivery rocket system was to be further developed so that it could be completely reusable and also return to earth and land at an airport. The Russian delivery rocket system could be used as an important part of a manned mission to Mars. Here – I know there are very big problems landing people on Mars from Martian orbit – It is better to have no atmosphere like the Moon or a relatively
thick atmosphere like the Earth. Mars thin atmosphere is a real problem – but lets worry about that later. As well as making cryonics stronger, we really need to bring back the Russian space shuttle. At least I think.

By: Shannon Vyff Shannon Vyff Thu, 18 Aug 2011 04:53:11 +0000 A realistic appraisal indeed, spot on. Probably a bit of the solution I’ve been looking for within cryonics would be the development of community. I appreciate how your post focuses on the positives of religion, without discounting the good they do purely on the account of any opposing beliefs the various religions may have. I don’t feel it is useful or effective to argue with someone that what they believe is silly or untrue, it works much better to focus on the similarities in thinking and how you and they can benefit each other or your community.

I was surprised to pick up an Elle magazine the other day and see an article on ending aging . I’m sure that article would cause more than a few to start researching various people and ideas mentioned within the article. I always assume a few of those yet, will end up reading about cryonics. Sadly, cryonics gets discounted as being selfish and nothing is seen as being given back to the community-now or in the future. I tried to make a point that there are benefits to cryonics in the petition I created: Really though, anyone who wants to try cryonics and signs up, does not have the normal human support system that other organizations such as religions have (nor do cryonics organizations make you feel you are giving back to your community and are part of a greater good). As a cryonicist, I feel that way–that cryonics is a noble experiment and beneficial for science now as well as the benefits that cryonicists from now could give in a future society.

By: unperson unperson Mon, 15 Aug 2011 00:56:20 +0000 a great short essay by one of the best political writers around, the recently deceased Joe Bageant, addresses the conflict between the reasoning faculties of atheists and man’s innate need for religion: