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Ray Bradbury: When the Writer Mistakes His Books for Himself

By Mike Darwin On 5 June 2012, the master storyteller and science fiction writer Ray Bradbury died at the age of 91. Some Bradbury’s work, and very nearly Bradbury himself became an iconic part of the culture. His novel Fahrenheit … Continue reading

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Semantics and Cryonics Propaganda

By Mike Darwin One of the things I hear from time to time is the assertion by some cryonicists that recent advances in mammalian brain vitrification technology have resulted in the brains of cryonics patients being “alive.” While the error … Continue reading

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Venturist Cryonics Conference

The Society for Venturism will be holding a unique conference focusing on issues of special interest to cryonicists at the Creekside Preserve and Lodge in Mayer, Arizona on June 1st and Second (this coming Friday and Saturday).   The June … Continue reading

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Reality Check

By Mike Darwin Introduction In order to understand the significance of the results of the Cryonics Intelligence Test and the discussion of priorities in cryonics research that is to follow (and in particular the relationship of such research to the … Continue reading

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Cryonics Intelligence Test Responses

Introduction On 06 May, 2012 responses were solicited to what was termed The Cryonics Intelligence Test which was posted here on Chronosphere (see: Two people responded to this public request to “take the test” and provide input on possible … Continue reading

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In Thy Orisons Be All My Sins Remembered*

By Daichi Sasaki EDITOR’S NOTE: The following text has been edited from a machine translation. I have tried to be as faithful to the original as possible. The title is mine – MD I came to visit the United States, … Continue reading

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Myth and Memory in Cryonics

By Mike Darwin Steven B. Harris, M.D. In September of 1988, Steve Harris, M.D., published an essay entitled The Day the Earth Stood Still: Cryonics and the Resurrection of the Mythic Hero. It was one of his best in a … Continue reading

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Almax Cryostat Post-Manufacturing Preparation Procedure STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES (With Specimen Contract & Purchase Order)

Credits: Ben Best, Andy Zawacki, Mike Darwin Adapted from Source Document:—Cryonics-Institute PURPOSE: To detail the procedures used for set-up and final preparation of Almax fiberglass-composite resin long-term patient care cryostats. This standard operating procedure (SOP) (aka Best Practices) details … Continue reading

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Freezing People Is Easy

Clockwise: Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd, Kirsten Wiig, Christopher Walken, with Errol Morris in the center. By Mike Darwin Sometime in the next few months, it seems likely that Director Errol Morris’ take on Bob Nelson’s account of the cryopreservation of … Continue reading

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Take the Cryonics Intelligence Test

When you give the answer to a question over and over again and it is not understood, perhaps not even perceived, and the question gets asked repeatedly, you know you’ve got a communication problem. I suppose the classic example is … Continue reading

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