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i Birth of a NeoInsurgent Cryonicst

By CryoX Illustrations by Mike Darwin This is a work of fiction  {or is it?} We Froze the First Fly. Great title. I could have written it. I should have written it. I’m an insect endocrinologist. This futon in the … Continue reading

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Casual Conversation: A Remembrance of Things Past

“We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.” – Marcel Proust By Mike Darwin A Digital Ark A couple of years ago I did a … Continue reading

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Future Babble: A Review and Commentary

  McClelland & Stewart (October 12, 2010) ISBN-10: 0771035195 Book Review and Commentary by Mike Darwin The success of cryonics, both in absolute and relative terms, arguably depends upon the accuracy and precision with which we (cryonicists) can predict the … Continue reading

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How Not to Get Ahead in Cryonics: Using Google Ngram Technology to Expose Flawed Decision Making in Cryonics

By Mike Darwin The High Price of Mortality The slate of human experience is wiped clean approximately every two generations (~ 50 years). This so far inescapable fact has had disastrous consequences for both cultures and civilizations. While it is … Continue reading

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Poisoning the Well: Measuring the Cultural Penetration of Cryonics Using Google Ngram Technology

The lighting-speed evolution of information technology has made new tools available to cryonics that would formerly have been so costly, that only the largest enterprises could have made use of them. And recently, a new technology has emerged that arguably no enterprise, with the possible exception of nation-states, could have mustered the resources to access. In December of 2010 Google, without fanfare, and with virtually no media announcements, released a search tool it calls Ngram. Continue reading

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